Week Five: TweetDeck

TweetDeck Search

TweetDeck has been around since 2008 but until recently has been absent from my methods of searching for data. As seen above, I decided to select two interests, cloud computing and technology, to portray the differences between TweetDeck and other forms of search engines. From analysis of the methods used to derive information from TweetDeck and then compared to other search engine methods, three concrete differences were indentified. To simplify the comparison, I will use Google to represent the search engine category.

1) Real-Time Information

TweetDeck and Google both produce a similar outcome, search results. But TweetDeck takes it a step further and allows users to establish columns with specific search parameters that provide these results in real-time. Users can consume large amounts information in a short time to stay current with popular trends, events, or news.

2) Relevant Information

By being able to produce information in real-time, TweetDeck can provide information that is relevant and current. On the other hand, Google can produce relevant information but my also include older or irrelevant information as well. For example, when searching up for smart phones on TweetDeck, you will find posts on trendy new smart phones, but on Google you may find current and older models in your search query.

3) Personalization

Both TweetDeck and Google offer forms of customization for their users but differ in the application of customization. Google customizes a search based on your location, preferences, and activities. However, in the end Google can only produce a search query whereas, TweetDeck allows for the user to input multiple search query columns unique to your tastes. These columns can be pinpointed to the exact specification that the end user desires.

TechnologyCloud Computing

TweetDeck is a fantastic search tool that has positive aspects that heavily outweigh any of the negative aspects associated with the platform. As a marketing enthusiast, I can see myself using this search tool in the future to support my company/brand and stay relevant with current trends in real-time.


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